Online dating while in a relationship

With the distance between you, communication is all you have to rely on. Don’t try to be something or someone you are not—remember that if all goes well you’ll actually have to live with this person one day! This will build a relationship based on openness and trust. Especially when you meet online, it can be tempting to throw yourself into instant in-depth communication. –but don’t start pouring your heart out and talking very intimately straight away.

If you want a relationship that will last, you need to build that up over time. Don’t throw caution to the wind because you think you’ve met the perfect person online.

The only way to tell if you really do have chemistry and a connection that could lead to something long term is by meeting in person.

One of the good aspects of being in a long distance relationship is that it really encourages regular and high quality communication.

While you don’t want to get obsessed, you want to really engage in good conversation, ask lots of questions, have fun together and get to know your partner deeply and well despite the distance.

According to, one of the largest online dating services, over 40 million people Americans use online dating, which is 40 percent of the single adult U. To use online dating, a person creates a user account on an online dating site, then creates a profile with photos, descriptive information and match preferences.

The online dating service uses software to provide the user with matches based on mathematical formulas (algorithms) which match one user with another based on their profile information, preferences, and interests.

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