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Kingsbury finished his UFC career with a 4-5 record in the promotion while losing his last four bouts.

2014 may have been the year Kyle Kingsbury’s MMA career ended but it was also the year he got engaged to Natasha Wicks.

Pair an Octagon girl with a UFC fighter in real life and you literally have sparks flying all over. Photo:During her short stint with the promotion, Wicks met light heavyweight Kyle Kingsbury on the job.

We’ve heard stories here and there about some of these gorgeous ladies dating the testosterone-fueled hunks of the sport. Kingsbury was a finalist in the season 8 of The Ultimate Fighter but didn’t really have a solid run in the UFC.

The two are still going strong now and have a baby boy named Sol.

There are massive differences between violence and love but as we all know, it always went together and it always will.

The little recognized fact is that the former “first-ever UFC Octagon girl” Amber Nichole Miller was making her debut the same night.

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As long as this unique combination exists naturally, there were rumors about fighters capturing hearts of lovely UFC ring girls.

There are some hot topics surrounding the sport of mixed martial arts nowadays: Is neo-footwork a revolutionary trend or a quick fad?

Will Jon Jones claim his title back against Daniel Cormier? Among the UFC fighters, who have dated an Octagon girl?

Natasha Wicks found her way to become a beautiful part of the Company by participating and winning the Maxim’s “UFC Octagon girl” contest in 2009.

Surprisingly, she never got the opportunity to truly shine as UFC released her only one year later.

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