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The Barrett bill, another act to make all elevators at terminal points public and prevent raising or lowering grades at terminal points, came up and was passed by a vote of 64 to 20.

The Legislature Is a Wild Scene of Excite- ment and the Members Are Fight- ing Mad. Serious charges were made against Mc Bride by the Populists recently. The Town of Thibideaux, in Louisiana, Struck By a Cyclone and Badly Damaged. In the senate a lot of useless resolu- tions were introduced and took up time. radical measures to correct the evils is imperative. We take precautions to prevent death by accidents and are too often careless and fail to take the precautions against dis- ease. '-Beautiful Shetland Pony" To be given away free without any con- sideration in our children's department. and am now n« ^vnll nwn Byone." ^lis:l KUNA Kvi,ic, Chamlinrlain, ISoul Ii i. The same rule holds good with the Hat, the Cloak, the Gloves, the Veil. You'll find what's to your liking here in any and all of this sea.son's adopted oddi- ties. The house passed Senator Leavitt's bill providing an inheritance tax on be- quests, legacies, devises, etc., and it went to the governor for his signature. The Herald has been endeavoring to educate the author- ities of Duluth to a more complete reali- zation of their responsibilities in regard to the public health, and to a realization of the imperative duty of cleaning the city thoroughly this spring and then maintaining it in a good sanitary condi- tion. Williams, a member of the Kansas state board of health, recent Jy compiled some statistics showing the value of human life, that should be studied by the civic authorities through- out the country. Farr estimates that England and Wales lose annually /ooo sterling through the unnece.ssary waste of life and labor. The possibilities of the powerful instru- ment were brought out by one thorough- ly familar with it and was a revelation. The Itasca park and forestry amendments were particularly objectionable to Mr. Committees of conference have been named by both the house and senate. This is not because they take any pleasure in seeing their fellow citizens fall victims to epidemics, or that thev do not observe with regret an in- crease in the death rate, but it is due to absolute carelessness. This may be a late spring, but the leg- islature has adjourned and we can be thankful for that. To thoroughly appreciate and understand the particu- lar beauty and grandeur of his marvel- lous work undoubtedly requires a culti- vated musical taste but to anyone of ordinary musical intelligence his wonder- ful ability cannot but be apparent. Adverti Bementfi in this column ONE CENT A WORD EACH INSEKTIO. Two colored children aged respectively 4 and 5 years were killed. It is Turning Strongly Against This Country at the Present Time. Ehtcson, The One Price Clotiiier, 219 West Superior street, Soft Klarshrnaliovvs. Eight dwelling houses inhabited by laborers were com- pletely demolished. The cane shed, which was the largest and finest in the state, was wrecked. Washington, April i ^ — The adverse turn of the balance of trade against the United States continues to be shown by the figures of the bureau of statistics.

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