Nudist camp sex

They told us about the big spring-fed lake, the playground, the games, the sports, and all the other fun things to do there.

When they told us that the camp was a “family camp,” and that there would be other kids our age, that seemed to cinch it for Erin.

In addition, there were many other families with kids.

Some would stay for a week or two and then leave, some families stayed longer, and still others seemed to spend the entire summer there.

My younger sister got on my nerves often enough, but older girls…

Now, older girls had boobs, and pubic hair, and other things that I knew I liked. You’ll see.” ✧ ✧ ✧ I’d like to say that my life changed dramatically during the summer of 1975, but the truth is much more mundane.

And it did provide me with some wonderful fantasy material for masturbating, whenever I could find the time alone; which was as often as I could, those first couple of weeks.

When Mom asked why I wasn’t enthusiastic about going to the nudist camp, I shrugged and mumbled, “I dunno.” I was worried about people—especially any girls my age—seeing my awkward body, and making me feel embarrassed. Nonetheless, I think she sensed that was the problem. I was so worried about girls my age seeing me that I completely overlooked the fact that if girls my age would be at the camp, then I could see them too.

So she pointed out to me that there would be other boys my age there. ” “Well, you can meet other kids your age and make new friends.” “I don’t want any new friends my age,” I said sullenly. I may have been a petulant twelve-year-old, embarrassed by my changing body and being a little on the chubby side, but I wasn’t stupid. And at age twelve, I had discovered that girls weren’t as bad as I’d thought only a year before.

Our parents were fairly open with both of us, and we talked about the trip before we made a final decision.

My mom and dad certainly seemed enthusiastic, and Erin was all in favor of the trip; especially when they started telling her about the camp.

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