Nick starcevic and jen johnson dating

The houseguest with the highest number of correct answers will become the new Ho H.Question 2: Did Amber handcuff herself to Kail before or after Joe tasted an anchovy and cabbage pie?She will then give two choices of possible endings.Question 4: Dustin said the most shocking moment in the house was when A) I was evicted or B) Amber went off on Eric?The houseguests will have four minutes to answer as many as they can.The houseguests must decide which came before and which came after the other.Question 5: Which ex-houseguest did not compete in the food competition known as “Butter Me Up”?They will then hit the button and a new puzzle will appear.

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She appeared as a background actress on several television shows, usually as a bikini model. She briefly dated Nick Starcevic, whom she met in the Big Brother house.

Julie then explained that the viewers will give directions to Eric every episode Julie revealed that Eric will earn ,000 for every five tasks that he successfully completes.

Nomination Ceremony Kail nominated Amber and Carol for eviction.

” Julie will name two events that took place this summer.

Question 3: Did Jameka say “I actually want my actions to be aligned with my words” before or after Nick shaved his head?

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