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The first category includes three kinds of dependent women; the second, their three autonomous counterparts.

The dependent women are (1) the minor daughter, controlled by the father; (2) the wife, under her husband’s authority; and (3) the levirate widow, whose husband’s death without male issue transfers the widow to the husband’s brother.

A closer reading of Mishnah Ketubot 3:7 reveals that not only are the actual moneys for the damages paid to the father, but the shame is according to his status in the community, not hers.

The amount for “blemish” is calculated according to the differential between an enslaved virgin who is put up for sale and an enslaved woman who is no longer a virgin.

In return, according to the Mishnah, she is not even entitled to basic maintenance.

To become married, then, is a step up on the ladder of selfhood.

In her estimation, it is part of a worldview that considers girls and women sexual chattel.

If these females were in these life situations, then they were most certainly used as sex objects and therefore their worth on the market has declined dramatically.

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For example, in the case of seduction a perpetrator pays for shame and blemish.To the question posed in the title, are women in the mishnaic system “chattel or person?” she states straightforwardly that the Mishnah treats women as chattel under some circumstances and under other circumstances as full persons.At this stage there are ways in which a woman is chattel and ways in which she is a legal person.Wegner identifies the former as relating to those biological functions that enable men to fulfill the Torah’s command to be fruitful and multiply.

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