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Some people have commented that if our website here is so popular and gets so many hits, why don’t we have more Twitter followers.

Well, its because we don’t use Twitter for anything much really and don’t give two shits about Twitter.

Oh this all could be a bunch of BS that we’re just making up, as least according to Mc Gibney side-kick Cpt. According to him Another thing we plan on talking about are several specific instances in which we believe that Jay Leiderman committed a fraud upon the court (two courts! We have the court records so you can decide yourselves.

SPECIAL NOTE: Some of Mc Gibney’s fan boys have made some noise about this blog possibly being taken down by somebody or something.

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If you don’t stop your ads I’m going to threaten you guys!

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Yes, as hard as it may be to believe, Via View / James Mc Gibney attorney Jason (Jay) Leiderman has been caught telling lies about people and misrepresenting facts to the court, and to others, in his quest to help James Mc Gibney and his revenge porn / blackmail company Via View from ridding the internets of anything negative about Mc Gibney.

As many of you are no doubt aware, Leiderman has been sending out numerous subpoenas and what he is falsely claiming are court orders to Twitter and Word Press in an effort to get us shut down. There are a lot of big events coming up, foremost among them is tomorrow’s court deadline for James Mc Gibney & Via View to file their response and evidence to the anti-SLAPP motion.

This is breaking news and we will be posting further updates about this throughout the evening as we get our article ready for posting here. You can read more about it here: and And, in case you haven’t noticed, while Mc Gibney’s @Bully Ville twitter feed has been shut up the last few days (most likely due to the actions of Via View’s Ft.

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