Naked kayakers

The best is with no moon so that you can see all the stars. Share your experience or encounter even if it's with the game warden.

With our weather here on the coast heading into Spring its a great time to dust off the kayaks in preparation for the good weather and some nude kayaking. Anybody have a kayak they could let me go kayaking with them nude? I know it's still not nudie weather but wouldn't mind to meeting some cool nudists while I'm there. I am seeking to form a nude group to kayak on the Ewen Maddock Dam her on the fantastic Sunshine Coast Hinterland near Landsborough.

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I mailed the same script that I put in my journal to my local newspaper when I got back home in hopes of being published.

They ran the story the next day titling it "Northern Exposure." In return, I received the payment of and the beginning of my career writing silly stories that incriminate me as an expert skinny dipping outdoorsman.

Skinny Dipping Etiquette Kevin Callan is the author of 11 books including "Wilderness Pleasures" and "The Happy Camper." A regular keynote speaker at major North American canoeing and camping expos for over 20 years, he has received three National Magazine Awards and four film awards, including top award at the prestigious Waterwalker Film Festival.

Exploring the outdoors (mostly by kayak), traveling, trip planning, and coastal engineering.

Current focus on kayaking in the Netherlands and Belgium, but previous posts cover Upstate New York, California, and much more...

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