Myspace profile views not updating

Users find their Myspace homepage with bulletins they did not post, realizing later they had been phished.

The bulletin consists of an advertisement that provides a link to a fake login screen, tricking people into typing in their Myspace e-mail and password.

Consequently, advertisers were able to locate a user's My Space profile from the Friend ID to gain access to personal information from one's profile, such as the user's full name.

(The changed links only work if the HTTP referrer is a Myspace page; otherwise, the link will appear to be disabled.) This move has been criticized that it makes profile editing inconvenient and that it does nothing to deter spammers.On January 26, 2008, over 567,000 private Myspace user pictures were downloaded from the site by using a bug published on You Tube and put on the Piratebay torrent site for download.My Space has agreed to regular privacy check-ups for the next 20 years due to the fact it "misrepresented" the protection of those using the site and their personal information. Mix Map can also serve as a hi5 tracker, friendster tracker, Xanga Tracker, or Live Journal Tracker. You can be up and tracking your profile hits in just minutes.Mix Map Trackers also work on any other site that you can embed HTML into your profile such as and many more!

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