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When on call, there is a great chance that you will be called in. Due to excessive favortism, most job related problems are not met with rational resolutions (ie.The benefit of having a hugely discounted membership at Condell Centre Club. Cons Department supervisor lacks communication skills. depending on how the supervisor feels about you, they may or may not encourage the perpetrator to antagonize the situation).Also, there needs to be a more organized approach towards employee performance when it comes to their hostility.It needs to be addressed and not just "noted" in their file.My typical day at CDS in going in to work and checking on my job duties whether it be passing medications, cooking, or going out in the community. Management tries to be supportive to the best of their ability but is so busy sometimes it takes awhile to respond. offers a variety of services for adults and children with developmental and physical disabilities.I have learned basic sign language from the individuals I work for. Just recently the organization started to expand and is currently working with Veterans and the Senior population.

My co workers are ok, I tend to do the task at hand to the best of my ability. The most enjoyable part of the job is working closer with my clients and keeping them happy.The hardest part of the job is sometimes dealing with management from within another department of the agency that does not have full understanding of what my department does.The most enjoyable part of my job would be assisting my individuals with obtaining/achieving their goals and the joy it brings with each accomplishment.They lost and will continue to lose the best people .Unless they clean out the bad managers, things will not change.

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