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Due to said accent, obtaining a new passport photo elicits some interesting questions. All attempts to convince us otherwise will be futile.

No, we're not applying for a visa; we're from this country. Yes, of course we're biased, and no, you're not allowed to state your opinion – regardless of what video games or films you're basing that opinion on.

Our largest concentration of US military singles are centered near some of the biggest US military bases including: Fort Hood, TX, Camp Lejeune, NC, Camp Pendleton, CA, Fort Lewis-Mc Cord, WA, Fort Dix-Mc Guire, NJ, Fort Campbell, KY, Norfolk Navy Base, VA, Eglin AFB, FL, Fort Bragg, NC. Our goal with Military Friends Date is to provide a REAL and LEGITMATE place to meet US Military Singles right in your local area.

Military Friends takes pride in the fact that we are one of the only truly free military dating sites.

Feel free to tell us to be quiet if you want to enjoy them in peace, as we might impart our actual factual military knowledge on you. The thing is, those video games and films have often been our parents' reality. With this in mind, we've developed what's known as 'gallows humour'.

After they were deployed several times to dangerous locations and lived through war, we fail to see why you would want to play at it. After all those times of not knowing whether it's better to laugh or cry, we've learnt it's always better to laugh.

", our Skype opener tends to be, "What time is it there? Sometimes, we wake up in sheer panic, wondering, "Where am I?We're accustomed to the bouncers' raised eyebrows and incredulous looks over what they believe we could have laminated ourselves. If it lets us on to secure military bases, we think we deserve to be let into a subpar club. Enter NAAFI, the Navy, Army, and Air Force Institutes – our very first 'corner shop'.It was established with us in mind, so we can get ahold of our favourite treats, no matter where we are in the world. We really like using military time, or the 24-hour clock.As a free military dating site we are 100% ad supported. As a network with other dating communities our large membership base increases your chance of meeting some.Please realize that we do not police the community so use your best judgement.

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