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To th« right are the Glengarry Mountains, and ia continuatien of them rises Beinn-a-Chvallaich to an altitude of nearly three thousand feet» With its spurs forming the northern boundarv of the Vaie of Rannoch. that to the right be- ing considerably tihov;er and.beiler; bu., it u priraie. Frenob, German, aud drawing taught io all the elasses; instruction Kiven in the elements ot natural jhlstozy, of ouemistry. 0 oer annum; for third class, 0 par annum; tuitiun for term in pro- portion. For circulars or catalogues apply to the Principal.

Theso two subjects will be mure fully fliscussed when the canvass m each county comiueneeci, waiun will bo abuut the tirdt of next mouth. The Republican State Executive Committee, headed bv Col. In a^idition ^o' this work of ihe committee, thousands ol documents, gotten up by the Republican Cmgressionai Committee, have been scattered broadcast all over the State, ll the people go asiray it will not bo because they have not had the means of in- forming themselves. Onoe a jain for saored freedom shonld her hosts go forth ta flsbt, i the battle-cry of England should be, "God de- fend the ilfutt" —Onoe a Week. The -way in whioh that starling managed to insinu- ate Itself into my heart ' and entwine its affec- tions with mine, I can never rightly tell ; and it ia only now when it is gone that I really Icnow how much i it is possible for a human feeing to lore a little bird. At.— Cotton— Futures ateadier; Cplaa Ai^ M« Middling clause, new crop, shipped October m4So'0 IHl f DEPARTMENT. In booths ye shall dwell seven ilavs; all that are Israelitea born shall dwell in booths.

H might be), a poor man bad camii-aiued t j hi:u that ho was unable, after many oou.ications, to obtain the liamdaiion of a deotdae to him troiu H rich Paaua o X the neighboroood- 'I'ue Etfeot U uudertooii to settle the maticr.

Every negro will vote, and it the canvass m the white couniica is not wholly abortive, the Ei-publicans will increase their vote in every countv where the white yotors are in a majonty. VV'auiieil ijj unpopular in oomo parts of his dis- tnct, aud will not poll his party vote. 'luis stoje., alihiu.;:^ now brokeu m hall, is of conaidera Jie .j - interesr, aud is certainly wortuy 01 iiroa*rv.*» tion. Faggixg at Wk8tm;n8tb:r Sixiy YEARa Ago.— The fagging system was tuen in l UU; . My first fag nmstei^I have reakouj for suppressing his name, lor though a tiusm AU ol my own.

There is great enthu'^iasm lor Vance as there was for Merrimon, but it comes Irom the same men who .shouted and voted for Merrimon. Tbere are two Demooiatio papers wjioh have takoa grouud agaiu&t Wadaell. he was " less than Kind "—was a- ' good-looking fellow, who left VVestmmstcr tor the Peninsula, and served afterward at Watci- loo. Tweiv* tu one: lu the usher's correotmg room prwparmg for afternoon lessons.

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