Men in midlife dating youre notice

The "nice teeth" comment came from me - no one wants a girlfriend with jacked up teeth - no way! I am saddened by the notion that midlife men don't care at all about the intelligence and logic of a woman but only her appearance and financial assets and I'm not saying this as an ugly feminist either.

I mean apparently it's fine with men if if a woman erroneously believes that it's ok to tax the middle class to death to pay for Obama's form of socialized medicine or you forward every dumb internet forward that comes your way as long as you look hot doing it.

I think women are more interested in men's personality than men are with women, although I've been contradicted by female friends who say that women are just as interested in physical attributes of men. And yes, like he said, although certain features (blondes) are more popular to more people, beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. I don't think intelligence is attractive for either gender, and often is less attractive, or corresponds to less attractive aspects of personality.

One big thing for me (and many, many men that I know): weight matters. That said, stupidity, ignorance and poor social skills are all automatic disqualifications for attractiveness. What IS attractive is a winning personality and I do think a certain amount of intelligence contributes to wit and quickness, which are attractive in any gender.

Women might not like that, but I've come to accept that this is the truth.

So despite the fact that I am not currently bringing money into my relationship I sure do things that save us loads of money plus that leaves me at home to be at my husband's and the dog's beck and call and since he works from home, he likes that.

You also make an excellent point that didn't surface ... Any man would LOVE to have a woman like you (a WORK HORSE)! Remember - this short article was really about what most guys think about when FIRST asked what they are looking for. Whatever happened to independence, stability (and not only financial, but emotional), kindness, laughter???

and that is that "contributing to the relationship need not be solely financial". But since none of us do - and since it is likely that none of our previous women contribute as you do ... I didn't give anyone any time to actually think through their answers ... Personally, if I was told to chose between a man with incredible looks and was BORING or average looks, kind and funny ... MIDLIFE BACHELOR RESPONSE TO LIZ: Independence, stability (financial and emotional), kindness, laughter - those are ALL definitely important ... While I agree with "makes a financial contribution", it's more than financial: I want someone who can stand on her own two feet; who can contribute ideas, disagree with me when I'm off-track and be sturdy when life is not quite as planned.

it is a reflection of what all early to mid-forties men want ... 1) Brazilian Wax Job I found it amazing how many of us men find a Brazilian wax job so incredibly important and sexy on a woman. ] The truth is - not all women in their forties are willing to get a Brazilian wax job ... The difference from a man's point-of-view is night and day ... 2) Financial Contributor to the Relationship Being a "financial contributor to the relationship" simply means that you earn an income, and are an economic asset (not a liability) to the male-female partnership. The truth is that we men prefer that a woman is capable of standing on her own financially ... We don't mind being the major breadwinner - but we also don't want to be funding any slackers. 4) Physical Attributes are Definitely a Bonus Not all men are pigs, but most of us are.

[If you don't know what this is - it refers to a completely shaved or waxed vagina ... and that is a shame because in today's world, there is nothing less attractive than a hairy woman. we absolutely favor the completely waxed look down there ... Perhaps this particular attribute is a sign of the times ... 3) Positive Mental Attitude Having a girlfriend with a positive mental attitude is really important to us men. [I am, for example.] We appreciate a good-looking woman ...

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