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Whatever she wants to do and say, that's fine with me," says Pastore, reached at his West Hollywood office, where he still works in adult entertainment. Scott in church, say former associates, but at his California ranch, where the fiery televangelist frequently entertained nude models like Penthouse Pet Chloe Jones and Playboy Playmate Elke Jeinsen.Congregants dubbed them his "pony girls," because he often filmed them riding his stallions in thong bikinis and broadcast the footage during televised sermons.She smiles often and broadly, revealing impeccably white, straight teeth, the product of braces and bleaching. The academic approach resonates with her supporters.But her cordiality can't mask the occasional hard edges—the stern glance at a colleague who digs into his lunch before saying grace, the firm pause that punctuates her oblique answers to softball questions about her upbringing. "I've just begun listening to Pastor Melissa Scott, and it feels like I'm finally being fed real food after starving for so long," one fan commented on a Christian newsgroup.I had friends and family forsake me," she cries, directing her followers to .In unison, they bark, "Tough shoes for a tough road! Gene "Doc" Scott, the wildly popular "shock jock of televangelism"—nearly 40 years her senior—to complications from prostate cancer.

Most folks drive right past the gritty stretch of downtown Los Angeles that houses University Cathedral, a former movie palace whose marquee now advertises weekly evangelical sermons.

Others claimed she was a walking billboard for the redemptive powers of faith.

But Scott would cop to nothing, dismissing the incident as an expert Photoshop job, part of a sick smear campaign by religious nuts.

("Now that you see what I got waitin' for me at home," he told the audience, "you should all be extra nice to me for comin' down here to talk to ya.") "Melissa was there, always dancing for Doc topless, showing her tits right away," recalls Jeinsen, now a swimsuit model and sometime actress.

Doc often paid his pony girls to attend church, where they acted as a kind of cheerleading squad. When she came around, I just thought, ," says Christian Shaw, son of Playboy bunny Christine Shaw, a longtime girlfriend of Doc Scott. "Doc was big on forgiveness, and he wasn't tripping on her past.

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