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Matthew Charles Czuchry, also known as Matt, was born on May 20, 1977 in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.Matt would later reprise his role when the popular series was launched with the...However, his love life is something that people typically ask about. Matt Czuchry’s dating timeline includes noteworthy names such as Archie Punjabi, Kate Bosworth, and even Julianna Margulies.With his talent and looks, there is no surprise as to why that is! Though many wondered if his on-screen chemistry with Alexis Bledel translated off-screen, the two seem to be good friends. I’ve enjoyed the long relationships I’ve had, and I’ve enjoyed being single as well.” Beyond this, he is known to guard his private life quite zealously, so we might never know if he is in a relationship. Though we probably would have heard about him trying the knot with a special someone, we can almost certainly say that he is married to his work.Before delving into his love life, we should go into his background (especially for those who have been living under a rock).

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There is no denying that Matt Czuchry is a great actor.

However, it seems his fans should have to wait a little longer to have a shot at marrying him.

Czuchry’s close friends and relatives describe him as nothing like his on-screen persona.

He is often considered to be the most hardworking people on the set of "The Good Wife" by the production crew.

His work friend has also described Czuchry as approachable and friendly.

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