Lotus domino calendar error validating user

In general the only requirement that On Time Group Calendar imposes when running in multi-domain configuration is that all the Domino Directories from the other Domino domains must be replicated to the Domino server running the admin-task.

On Time Group Calendar does not however require Directory Assistance or similar to be configured.

open&debug=1 To enable API logging from the On Time Group Calendar Notes client open the client and open the "On Time" from the top menu, select the "Help" submenu and then "Enable API Log".

API logging is enabled until explicitly disabled or the Notes client is restarted.

Consider an Domino environment with three domains called US, EU and JP and an organizational certifier called /ACME.

The On Time Group Calendar admin-task is designated to run on the On Time Server/ACME server in the EU domain.

This document describes how API logging is enabled from the client.

When running as the user, the Traveler server will access the user's mail file as the user ID instead of the server ID.

Configuring the multi-domain option is very simple and generally only consists of adding references to the various Domino Directory databases and mapping each to a Domino domain.

This is very clearly described in the On Time Group Calendar Installation manual.

tell ontimegc cleanup If you experience only having the default legend color on all appointments in On Time Group Calendar user interfaces but have legends in the On Time Group Calendar Configuration database a database setting may be the cause.

To resolve it please beform the following steps: Please note: If you are using the servlet to improve performance for HTTP based calls the below information is not applicable.

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