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But it was hampered by its limited signal of only 2,700 watts.It had to temporarily transmit from the Foshay Tower at reduced power pending the completion of the Telefarm tower facility in Shoreview.WCCO-FM also made the switch to Top 40 under Program Director John Long that year.Results were dismal, and both the format and Long lasted just a few months.The station also began to face formidable competition after a relaunch of KSTP-FM "KS95," with a comparable live AC format.The station gravitated to a stricter playlist as the 1980s wore on. Its main transmitter is located on the KMSP Tower in Shoreview, Minnesota, with backup facilities on the nearby Telefarm installation.

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In 1983, Top 40 became a very popular format across the country.

WLOL, which picked up the format by 1982, was one of the most successful stations in the market, and KDWB had moved from AM to the FM band.

It carried programming separate from the AM, with a mix of Beautiful Music and MOR album cuts and soft vocals, not unlike the pre-rock KQRS.

The station later added two DJ shifts separate from the AM, hosted by Denny Long and Lou Lattson, playing a free-form rock music format, which included some underground rock tracks, along with full-service elements such as news and weather.

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