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Few details have been released about the upcoming comedy - but we can gather some from the trailer.

We do know is the plot follows Holmes and Watson as they try to prevent the assassination of the Queen.

Holmes & Watson is a comedic take on the famed literary characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson, who use their arguably brilliant minds to stop rival James Moriarty from assassinating the queen.

We need both things but in marriage we often find ourselves arguing only for one side. When you make love, don’t get up from the bed with a list of suggestions for next time. The barking dog barks for two reasons – because they are mean and because they are hungry. You’ll save thousands of dollars in therapy and there will be peace on earth. You like to get things done and get them done well.You refuse and the pouting ruins the rest of your day. Sex heals, restores and connects two people in long-term commitment. ” Try to understand that your hungers may be different. Those aren’t wrong/bad/inappropriate reasons to have sex but if you crowd the between-space already with demands and requests – hold off on the ones that are more about yourself than about creating connection. I know you’ve tried everything before and nothing worked. Put your time, energy and money into making your partner feel cherished. Invest in learning how to make sex great – books, films or therapy.This push-pull wears out the patience of every New Year’s resolver. Accept that sometimes your partner makes love you not because they are particularly desirous themselves. Don’t let a week get away from you without setting aside a few hours that are just about intimate time.If sex were not a problem, would you be happy again in your marriage?Amherst, a thirty-nine year old mother of three, told me that her marriage would be a “10” if their conflict over frequency would go away.

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