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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Kermit and Miss Piggy are coupled again in Muppets Most Wanted. KERMIT THE FROG: Lwanda, and Yoyo, and Yaya, and Yiyi. GERAGOS: I can't get into the specifics because of attorney client privilege but let's just say we made it go away. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Musical talent becomes Kermit's ticket out of the swamp. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A key into meeting with an agent puts him on the road to Hollywood. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He acquires new friends along the way. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Then stopping by chance at a county fair, a life changing moment. But with Insider Bret Mc Kenzie sees it all go down. MCKENZIE: They were laughing and just having good time and ... UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Henson himself branches out with darker fantasy films. Henson has built an empire but the day comes when he decides it might be time to sell. JONES: Mainly to put the Muppets there where somebody who knew how to manage icons to take care of them while he went off to go be Jim Henson and do other things. KERMIT THE FROG: Listen, I love to do that too but ...

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MORE: Everyone Is Losing Their Mind Over Kermit's New Girlfriend Kermit recently opened up to ET about his breakup, and what led to his split from Miss Piggy.

"It's an interesting thing that happens sometimes -- you're with someone for years, and you suddenly discover that you have gone in two different directions," he explained. Jimmy supported the idea that Miss Piggy be the next star of appearance.

FEY: They are the greatest will they won't they of all time. MISS PIGGY: I really don't know who the Jim person is. KERMIT THE FROG: Well, he's the guy who taught me how to make movies. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As a college freshman at the University of Maryland, Henson creates a puppet show for local NBC station as a way into the TV business. BRIAN JAY JONES, AUTHOR, JIM HENSON: THE BIOGRAPHY: He wasn't convinced this was something a grown man should be doing for a living. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Within a few years, he hires fellow puppeteer Frank Oz and their work starts getting national attention on programs like the Jimmy Dean Show. JONES: He really wanted TV to be relevant and to matter. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Henson's pleased to see the response children have to Sesame Street. FURLONG: The reason is, they wanted to play in a different format.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Whether we'll ever see a valid Muppet marriage remains achingly unclear. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you feel like you owe your careers to Jim Henson? UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sam and Friends is a surprise success for Henson according to his biographer. He's still sort of this milky -- sort of milk of magnesia blue and his eyes really are ping-pong ball cut in half. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Kermit accessed host of the weekly variety show which airs in the evening nationally. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Miss Piggy, Fuzzy Bear, Ralph the Dog and Beaker become breakout sketch (ph) players while two grumpy old guys comment on it all from the balcony. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: With subversive humor geared to both parents and kids, each episode also features a celebrity guest among the most memorable Bob Hope, Elton John, and Steve Martin.

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