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The 25-year-old director aims to shed a more equitable light on the subject with “Fursonas,” which will be available on i Tunes starting on Tuesday.His film focuses on a handful of members of the furry community, most of whom own elaborate costumes (some costing thousands of dollars) and all of whom would like very much not to be seen as freaks.The initial public portrayal of furries, in everything from a Vanity Fair article to an episode of “CSI” to appearances on “Dr.Phil” and “The Tyra Banks Show,” focused on the kinky aspect of the community — in short, that many of its adherents find the suits a huge turn-on.“I feel like making the movie made me more comfortable with who I am.” Coming out as a furry wasn’t as hard for Rodriguez as he knows it is for some. Furry porn is really beautiful — you can see the artists put themselves into it. “It’s less inhibited — less letting anxiety get in the way,” Rodriguez explains. When animals have sex, they have sex and then they’re done. They lose their boner if they get freaked out.” Rodriguez includes an interview with a furry sex-toy designer in “Fursonas,” whose company, Bad Dragon, makes, among other things, “dildoes in the shape of horse c–ks or dog d–ks.” The company founder, who goes by the name of Varka, is “an artist,” says Rodriguez.“I’m very lucky to have a very accepting family and friends,” he says, “and honestly, I’ve gotten nothing but support.” Still, he says, “I knew my parents would be cool with it — but I didn’t really want to tell them, because it’s embarrassing.” His interest in furries goes back to his early teens. But, he stresses, every furry is different — for many, sex doesn’t enter into the equation at all.The world is changing now; we’re having conversations about identity.

So what, exactly, is a furry, according to someone on the inside?We are dedicated to reducing euthanasia in our community by encouraging compliance with all dog laws, educating our citizens to promote responsible dog ownership and advocating spay/neuter services within our community.Live Release includes all dogs reclaimed by their owners, adopted or sent to rescue. Thank you to everyone who helped address the problem of homeless dogs by adopting, reclaiming and rescuing dogs from the shelter last year!We also educate the public and teach dog owners to be more responsible citizens.Our twice-monthly adoption event with shelter dogs and many area rescue groups is a great place to search for a new best friend.

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