K9 dating service

Alex and Peanut just so happens to have the identical photos of Stephen and Jack. Tell Stephen and Jack, Alex and Peanut, unknown and Pea what women think about men who take advantage of women!

Same man, same dog, only now Alex is a contractor working overseas. If dig website won’t do anything to stop them, we will have to do it ourselves!!

I started talking to Stephen and his dog Jack who was supposed to be a doctor in the army stationed in Florida.

Torch Light K9 is a full-time training facility, producer of some of the best domestically bred dogs in the States, and vendor for patrol or detection dogs.

Their respective podcasts, Controlled Aggression, and Working Dog Radio, are two of the best sources for up-to-date information on all things K9.

Van Ess K9 is a full-time training facility, and Police K-9 vendor.

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