Iran sex dating

LGBT rights in Iran have come in conflict with the penal code since the 1930s. Gay men have faced stricter enforcement actions under the law than lesbians.Transgender identity is recognized through a sex reassignment surgery.According to Articles 127, 129, and 130, the punishment for female same-sex sexual activity (mosāheqe) involving persons who are mature, of sound mind and consenting, is 50 lashes.If the act is repeated three times and punishment is enforced each time, the death sentence will apply on the fourth occasion.A non-adult who engages in consensual sodomy is subject to a punishment of 74 lashes.Articles 114 to 119 assert that sodomy is proved either if a person confesses four times to having committed sodomy or by the testimony of four righteous men.

Janet Afary has argued that the 1979 Revolution was partly motivated by moral outrage against the Shah's government, and in particular against a mock same-sex wedding between two young men with ties to the court.

All sexual activities that occur outside a traditional, heterosexual marriage (i.e., sodomy or adultery) are illegal.

Same-sex sexual activities that occur between consenting adults are criminalized and carry a maximum punishment of death—though not generally implemented.

According to Articles 132 and 133, the rules for the quashing of sentences, or for pardoning, are the same as for the lesser male homosexual offenses.

According to Article 134, women who "stand naked under one cover without necessity" and are not relatives may receive a punishment of 50 lashes.

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