Internet dating spreadsheet Free chat and browse for mature women

But now, Internet-connected toys, headphones, luggage and more are widely available. Although many pundits made it sound complex, it is just our ability to create and store large amounts of data automatically.

Here are some amazing products you should definitely check out! Big Data engineers are now employed to collect the data — and paid handsomely for it for patterns, trends, and other insights.

Now, having a friend tell you they are going on a date through OKCupid, e Harmony, or even Tinder is a regular occurrence.

As the online dating platforms have grown, so has their vast collection of profile data.

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As the company is privately owned it has no obligation to share its data and statistics with the general public.

However, before the Big Data boom it was often quite a manual process and could sometimes leave you disappointed by the end of a date.

Now though, the questionnaires form part of the website’s growing data set.

that they used some of this data to experiment on their users.

That said, what the experiments mainly showed was that people can be fairly shallow.

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