I am dating an extrovert Adultwebcamchat com

We have already lined up a second date for this weekend. But here's the catch: He is SUCH an extrovert. I know this is "good for me" and I "need to break out of my dating-neurotic-shy-people rut," but the thing about extroverts is: They never get tired of social interaction.It's hard to gauge their interest since they don't seem nervous and bashful around someone they're attracted to, the way introverts do. This guy was holding my hands and trying to mouth-kiss me at the end of the date tonight.Ask him to chill on that stuff, if you want to keep getting to know him.I prefer dating extroverts, then I don't have to force myself to be extroverted.I can also be sociable and enjoy parties (I just recharge afterwards). Letting go of preconceived notions of what introverts are or are not will be very helpful.Half of the population are introverts and we come in all sorts of varieties.I'm an introvert who has only been in relationships with introverts.Big social gatherings wear me out, and I much prefer socializing with people one-on-one.

The second date sounds like a perfect opportunity to communicate not only your comfort level but also your perceived differences.And I need "me time" like you wouldn't believe.I had a great first date tonight with an extrovert I met online. We're compatible on paper in all sorts of ways.The only way to work through this isn't on reddit or through examining Jung Theory. Just communicate your desire to take it slowly when it comes to the kissing.As far as the extrovert/introvert stuff, how can you be so sure this early? I don't act shy, nervous or bashful around anyone. I'm an extrovert and have had my greatest dating successes with non-codependent introverts.

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