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I half expected her to look at me and laugh, or scowl and say something nasty. Instead, she greeted me with a warm smile and piercing blue eyes. It's amazing how sometimes you can make a connection like that with a total stranger, but I liked her, even though she was beautiful, and I wanted to get to know her better.Reaching out, she grasped my hand in her warm, soft grip and said "Oh hi. Before I left to work some more in my garden, and let her get back to unpacking, I invited her over.I got picked on everyday by people just like Emma, and I grew a huge amount of distrust for anyone whom I considered to be one of 'them'.The teenage years are an impressionable time in a person's life, and when you keep hearing that you are not good enough, or pretty enough, you start to believe it. Well, to be honest, when I first saw her moving into the house next door, I sighed with dread and just a little bit of jealousy.He had a goal and he wasn't going to let anything or anyone come between him and his goal.I guess what really attracted me to Dave was that he was so much more mature than so many other guys in college.He had his shit together, and he informed me early on that, even though he liked me a lot, he wasn't going to let our relationship get in the way of his studies.

She graciously accepted and said that she didn't expect to take too long unpacking because she didn't have much stuff. Of course Emma, come on in." I said, stepping aside and motioning her in.

Behind the van came a fancy little sports car and out of that stepped Emma.

She was dressed casually for the move, but I could see right away that she was one of the beautiful people. Her cleavage was on display and I'm quite certain that the movers appreciated it, as they were young men.

I didn't think too much of it right then, but...hindsight ya know.

The conversation went on and one glass of wine turned into two, then three and we were both feeling it quite a bit.

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