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This suggestion appears to be even further referenced with the creation of Davepetasprite^2, who eventually comes to realize that their unique combination of the identities of Nepeta and Dave, make them somehow perfectly suited for facing Nyeh is a long running meme within the Homestuck fandom stemming from an Octopimp video.It involves the character Eridan saying the word "nyeh" when aggrivated or surprised.This pattern is often marked by fancy beading on the clothings, which can range from elaborate dresses to detailed pyjamas reminiscent of the original canon outfits.

The concept of this meme is to alter Homestuck by removing a character from the narrative and rearranging events and dialogue to accommodate the absence. After Tumblr user Wariofan63 created a was a set of panels from Act 6 Intermission 2 having all characters present replaced with Dave, and the chatlogs altered accordingly.One of the earliest successful bloodswaps was adamant Apoplectic's Red Dead Virgo.A fanart and cosplay meme, involving modifying the Derse and Prospit outfits into elaborate dresswear fit for the royalty of the two moons.It became canon during the second Meenah walkaround flash when Cronus says it.Additionally, when Hussie uses Cronus to get close to Seahorse Dad, he tags his comment with The Baby is You is an album by Toby "Radiation" Fox, a member of the Homestuck Music Team as a satire for MSPA Forums prohibiting images of pregnant characters.

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