From diapers to dating 50 rules

The team with the most creatively diapered 'baby' wins.

There's something so outrageously funny about grown adults in hastily assembled toilet paper diapers-your guests won't be able to stop laughing!

" After you quiz each and record their answers, bring both into the room and put the future parents on the hot spot one at a time. Pass out sturdy paper plates and markers to all of your guests.

Ask each to guess the answer their partner gave to each question-before polling the audience to see who thinks the answer is correct. Let them know they'll be drawing a picture of the baby, and the best sketch will win.

If anyone hears someone else saying the forbidden word, he or she can steal the rule breaker's pin.

At the end of the game, the person with the most pins wins a gift.

Pregnancy is perhaps the only time in life that it's socially acceptable to go up to a woman, rub her belly and comment on the expanding size of her waistline. Whoever has a string that comes closest to being a perfect measurement, wins.

Whether you're planning a daring couple's shower or a tame for-all-ages party, this game is always a hilarious hit.

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Once everyone has had a turn, find out who had the most correct answers.The winner gets a prize and the parents-to-be get the diaper bag filled with baby essentials!If you're looking for a fun, yet touching, baby shower game for your coed baby shower, you're in luck (though you can always adjust the game to fit a shower just for the girls).Give each guest a pen and paper before passing the diaper bag around.Without looking, each person should stick a hand inside the bag and identify as many items as possible.

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