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We talked so often and for so long that it would have been weird to go on a date with anyone else, so we ended up becoming a couple. After all, when you are willing to hold up your arm for five hours every night to make sure you’re not putting a double chin on display, you’re committed. We did this for three months before Nick finally flew from London to Los Angeles to visit me.This wasn’t easy for Nick because he doesn’t like to travel; doesn’t like to stay with people (I had three roommates, and he was worried about “the bathroom situation”); and doesn’t like change. But through all our hours on Face Time, we had built a connection.But he liked me, and loved the idea of Los Angeles. In my seven years in Los Angeles, I hadn’t forged that kind of connection with anyone.So he threw Charmin to the wind and booked a flight. Los Angeles is a hook-up-first, ask-questions-never sort of culture. Los Angeles is where you end up if you think you are the funniest, hottest and most charming person in your town and think the whole world needs to know about you.Last fall, when my boyfriend accepted a job on the West Coast, I thought managing a newly long-distance relationship would be just that— manageable. Between Face Time and, you can practically be in two places at once.

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Since my friends were all in the same boat as me in life, and that boat was beached on a desert island with no attempt to get it back into the water (Los Angeles does that to you), I asked my therapist to weigh in.

Also lift the phone higher; you have a double chin.

Oh hey, you should look as if you’re paying more attention.”After a couple of months on Face Time with a guy I had hung out with in person only four times, I got to know both him and my developing wrinkles pretty well.

I realized I'd rather endure a serious wallet hit for that last-minute nonrefundable seat than feel alone and bummed out.

Five years from now, I doubt I'll miss a thousand bucks.

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