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Headaches: Some old phones with Bluetooth have settings that are be too old to pair with newer cars.

Depending on how old that phone is, you might not be able to use it when driving.

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If all goes as expected, Minnesota will become a “hands-free” state Aug.

To be able to answer a call with a “single touch” or have access to the voice commands, you might have to leave a flip phone open. And remember, you’ll need to either use the phone in speakerphone mode or with an earpiece and microphone.You will need to “pair” your car and phone together, which will require a few actions on each. The other way to integrate your phone into your car is via a USB cable that plugs into both the vehicle and your phone.Once set up, your car will be like a remote control for your phone. You’ll probably be able to start a call by touching controls on your steering wheel.On Thursday, the Senate overwhelmingly approved it as well. We’ve heard the questions: “I have an older car that doesn’t talk to me. ” Or “I know I have a smartphone but I don’t understand how to use it without my hands.” Remember, Minnesota isn’t the first state to do this. Once you get set up, you probably won’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket.Almost half of America has figured this out — and traffic deaths have fallen for most of those states. No matter what your scenario is, here are the important things to remember: Here are the four scenarios. Your phone and vehicle will communicate with each other via Bluetooth, a short-range wireless standard using radio waves.

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