Fep 2016 definitions not updating

In your Task Sequence, create a group called Install Endpoint Protection.

A good place for this in a MDT integrated Task Sequence is in the beginning of the State Restore phase.

You can place it anywhere in the State Restore phase, however, as soon as the machine is in the full OS instead of Win PE would provide the best security.

Add the Endpoint Protection client package and select the installation program.

The Default Client Agent Settings must be enabled to manage the Endpoint Protection client.You should end up with the latest definitions in each x86/x64 folder.In order to automate the download of the latest definitions for our package source, we need to use a scheduled task on the Config Mgr server to download the latest definitions.Later you will create a package and schedule the content to be updated automatically to pick up the latest definitions downloaded by this script.It is not recommended to schedule this script to run more than once a day, since that would require you also schedule the package to update the Distribution Points more than once a day.

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