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The company was started in and purchased in by Sears, Roebuck of Chicago.Single-resonator biscuit also sometimes called National style instruments are also currently produced, and give a different sound again.With a german silver body and a single cone resonator, tcu dating scene these are great guitars.They have carried on the National tradition of fine acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars, but have not made electric lap steel guitars.This tailpiece is gold only because the rest of the guitar is gold normally the tailpiece is nickel plated.

Both metal and wooden bodies are often painted, or wooden bodies may be stained or lacquered, metal bodies may be plated or plain. To understand the how and why of this, a short history lesson in required.Clay Harrel's web site has a good discussion of acoustic National guitars.Actually they aren't bad sounding steels if you can turn up the treble on your amp, and some are fairly fancy.As far as collectibility, the Gibson Ultratone and Century models are two of the fanciest lap steels ever made.This is attributed to their brass, not steel, body material. Vintage Nationals are peculiar, and you have to know what to look for.

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