Drupal dating

This group is for people who are looking to build dating or match making related sites.

If you are developing dating related sites, please post the links here.

Drupal examples include personal websites and blogs, corporate websites or political and government sites.

Some Drupal examples of schools and universities are the Harvard University Magazine, Portland State University, Duke University and University of Calgary in Canada.

Our Drupal CMS demo allows you to try Drupal online without downloading it and going through the install process.

New versions were released constantly and Drupal features got better with each release.Drupal CMS comes with some core modules that provide a lot of features like access statistics, advanced search, caching for improved performance, multi-level menu system, user profiles and workflow tools.With the release of Drupal 7, web accessibility has been greatly improved by the community and the support of WAI-ARIA support for Rich Internet Applications has been carries further in Drupal 8.Even though Drupal offers a powerful API that helps developers create extensions and extend current functionality, basic Web-site installation and administration of the framework requires no programming skills.Given that its a popular CMS Drupal powers at least 2.3% of all websites worldwide.

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