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Today, we live in a new era of divorce and remarriage, and many children don’t get to choose which parent to live with.

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Many parents are focused so intently on court cases for custody that, ironically, they spend more time and thought on the case than on the child.

We tend to assume our children “know” we love them, but, really, how are they supposed to know that if we don’t tell them?

My children are adults, married with children, and I still tell them.

Remain pleasant, kind, and above all, show them you care about their plight. If your child never used to be rude and now is, then the change in behavior likely signifies difficulties with the new changes being faced.

If, after a month or so, the mood in the house does not improve, speak to your partner about your stepchild’s behavior. Anger and disapproval are unlikely to resolve the issue.

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