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But the Moka Express design—today, “Bialetti Moka Express” is the specific product, while “moka pot” is the general term for this type of coffee maker—took a while to catch on.

Italy still had to get embroiled in a couple of World Wars, and then recover.* By the 1950s, Italian design had some amazing advantages.

It’s also widely misunderstood and maligned, with approval in the modern coffee world coming perhaps a bit too late, in only the past few years. , the seeds of which are dried, roasted, and ground to make coffee, are native to east Africa, particularly Ethiopia.

Coffee as a beverage first shows up in the historical record—which is not necessarily to say that it wasn’t consumed in its native Ethiopia first—in what is now Yemen.

Italy never really left behind the idea of small amounts of very strong coffee.Renato was also a pretty shrewd businessman; in 1953, he commissioned the drawing of the company’s logo, , “the little man with the mustache,” which has since been inseparable from the Moka Express.The Moka Express was “the first way that Italians could realistically make coffee at home that was some approximation of what they could get outside,” says Giuliano.the moka pot, a stovetop coffee machine and one of the most iconic kitchen appliances ever created, announced recently that the company is in major trouble—tens of millions of Euros in debt, unpaid salaries and taxes, revenues that are way down and look to be staying that way.In a press release, the company said there are “doubts over its continuity.” The moka pot is a symbol of Italy: of postwar ingenuity and global culinary dominance.

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