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UCS offers a DHCP server app in the Univention App Center.After installing it, you can access its configuration via in the Univention Management Console. The next sections shows an example on how to set up a DHCP service for a school called Queen’s College.If the DHCP server distributes static addresses, all clients always receive the same IP – ideal for network services or certain machines that have to be accessible around the clock.

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In the first scenario, the clients can get different IPs, which can be convenient if the server hands out addresses from a small pool to a large number of devices (that are not active at the same time).

If one server cannot resolve a name or IP, it can contact another server that can then ask the next one, and so on.

A DNS server in a private network is also responsible for the name resolution. web browsers) don’t necessarily need the dot that’s representing the root.

For example, after a DHCP server has assigned an IP to a requesting client, it can communicate this information to a DNS server which then automatically updates the DNS information. In other countries (like in Germany) second-level domains can be registered via providers who are DENIC (Deutsches Network Information Center) members or work with a DENIC member. It’s also possible to install a DHCP server on those machines (ISC DHCP).

Also, the client itself can transmit the information to the DNS server. It is often referred to as DNS Update (RFC 2136) or Dynamic Update (Microsoft). Please refer to the UCS manual for more information on how to set up those services.

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