Delapidating hematoma

was nptleompelleic^l^God to stand, but rather' chose so Ho do, and^for his^firm reliance and ;m- te^rity to the end, tne Lpnl rewarded him twb 'fold as much as; he had in v the beginning. O may I always pray and not faint, and be continually watching, lest I enter into temptation ; ask and receive, seek and find, knock and it shallbe opened*unto me-;- for every One that asketh receiveth, and he that seeketh findeth May I glory in the cross' of Christ, rejoice in him ever more, trust in him- as the only medium through which I can be sa*- Ved ; pray without.d Q' may this be an example to every Christian "itf affliction ! ceasing, for it is only through prayer I can be saved ; pray without ceasing, for it is only through the use of this glorious^ means that I can ever expect to conquer the world, ( the flesh and tlie devil, and come off more thaiv conqueror; but is there nothing, Q my soul, that would act as a farther stimuldus to urge r thy passage on.

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tempta^Jhs and persecutions, have not been-fe.w; but hot- withstandin he looked unto him from 4.*jjg:hteous man availeth mu&h. J.acob, and Elias, this wilderness would blossom the rose, and sin- - ip- R-ers would be flocking to thejstandard 0f -ing - Jesus, as doves to the windows, and rightegus' nfess would run down our- .streets as a river JI *- dn :many now in the gall of bitterness and the bonds of iniquity would rejoice in the God of their salvation, because he had removed their sins as far from them as the east is from the west, and put a new song Jn their mouths, even praises to our God ; but some will probably say who .ajt&HJgh tfce recollection of youthful days that have slid away as it were upojithe wings X)f the. still present themselves to my view, .,123 I , yet not uudeligh 1 ful sensation attends the contemplation of scenes where I once en- jeyed felicity ; departed joys are always-brought to recollection with aa enthusiasm of tender- : n-css which soothes the sorrows I have experi- enced for their loss.Yes, the many days of felicity ] have enjoyed in my native City^Lou- isviile, when a boy, voluntarily dawned upon my imagination; that place which fifteen years ago was comparatively .small to w=hat it is now.May I always Jitand by the gi^ce of (jo^f ^goie what may come, and e ; re long I shall see $obd old Job, who sujfered so much^ here, jn the Kingdom aj)ove y enj^ag thie " "' 6T his^suffet-ings here : telow, whel'e I . O yes, when \ call to recolle^- tion the many joyful hours I h%ve experience^ best of de Fotiofi| ie many Heavenly that have descended'- from the faili^B^f lights U T pon my head through i ts instru mentality ; t K^s.many temptations f lia Ve*fliereby ehcountered ; and overcome; hove can I cease to prostrate ntyself before my Heav- enly King and pour'otft' my soul in supplica- tions ;to~ him' that has so often fed me with the' hidden manna of'^s love ; butf again, when I take iut5%onsideration the many verified tests of its efficacy among the children of Gro^ in ancient days, how can 1 for a .moment harbor .' tb'e degrading3thought,-that the promises of my* j| will not be eqtfally verified m this day.

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