Dear dating

I have a master's degree and am now enrolled in a Ph D and another master's degree. I love how my work helps people and helps me see God in his creation.So I stay very busy, and I don't plan to stop; my dream one day is to be a professor or consultant and eventually become an administrator.I’ll start with the toughest part (well, it was for me).I think an important question to ask yourself is, “Do I him for this gift and trust him for his “yes,” whatever that ultimately meant.

For a man who feels threatened by your education or your intellect, you definitely won't fit.

If I understand the heart of your question correctly, it sounds like you might see your qualifications, career, and strong personality as a for your still being single, i.e., that men don’t like ambitious women, which is what the data says.

My husband, many of his male friends, and the husbands of some of my best friends have taught me there your gifts and your personality.

"Romantically realistic" — now there's a challenge. (Perhaps I was a bit overdramatic.) Our cohort was encouraged to attend the huge Society for Neuroscience meeting that Fall, and when I walked into the social night for the "Christian Neuroscience Society," a group that meets once a year at the national meeting, I saw a tall blond guy with twinkling blue eyes, and the rest is history. His parents were Wheaton grads, he was a med student doing research at the NIH, and from the beginning he listened, he supported, he encouraged me to pursue my dreams in medicine and science that ultimately led to my career in psychiatry, and he was and is an active parent for our two kids. I have lots of friends, colleagues, and professional women who are my patients who are still waiting for the husband they hope and pray for.

First of all, a disclaimer: I graduated from Wheaton College without a husband, having been told I had already seen the "cream of the crop" and was clearly intimidating or not right for the men I met there. Why is it so hard to find men who will be strong leaders, active partners, and loving encouragers? The short answer is: it only takes one, and the process is up to God.

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