Dating wifes best friend after divorce

Just think, I might have served the life sentence of marriage only to be followed by a life sentence for murder.But as it is, amicably separated for decades, we have what I believe is the best sort of later-life relationship; chatty and companionable yet not eternally tied together.My late partner John Sandilands continued to have a close and affectionate friendship with his ex wife Jo after they separated.In fact, Jo and I were joint executors of John’s will.

Divorce is usually billed as a sad failure but I don’t see ours that way; we had enjoyed much of married life, but were no longer doing so.• How I lost £165,000 in inheritance tax But although we untied the marital knot, there seemed no reason not to stay friends, especially as there was no reason to argue any more.I think it was a relief to both of us when we finally made the decision to separate; it certainly was for me.She maintains that they remain excellent friends, but are no longer an item.• The secret to a happy marriage – getting divorced Novelist Simi Bedford and her ex-husband, artist Martin Bedford did move back together many years after their divorce.

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