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I'm a kindhearted, loving, straightforward, honest. I’m looking for serious relationship if someone’re not the same please don’t trouble me.Vietnam Friends Date is the ultimate dating community for Vietnamese singles.If you’ve ever used tinder abroad in the west and you don’t look like Channing Tatum, then chances are most of your matches are either post wall single moms, fatties, or tattooed up weirdos with short pink hair wearing rainbow colored leggings. Are they just as bad as the west or is it a goldmine?I had my first taste of tinder here in Vietnam, a few years back.You will find loads of these women on Tinder, however they will never respond to you.I suspect they are either fake accounts or there are bots spamming Tinder with their profiles and pictures to help promote the girl.

Lastly, you got your western tourist or “English Teacher” roaming about on Tinder.

If the other person likes you as well, you will get a pop up message in the app informing you of the match.

You can only message girls after they have matched with you.

At that time, I didn’t see that many girls on it, and the ones that I did see, were nothing special. I did get a lot of matches though, which was something foreign to me coming from the west, where girls list on their profiles that they demand some guy spends money taking the girl out to a movie because she’s bored sitting on her ass at home reading trashy magazines like Cosmopolitan.

On my second trip back to Vietnam, things were different.

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