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So these are my top three theories that women have concern for in my opinion in towards Indian men.Now, I completely understand why some people may think this. But from my experience using online dating apps, it seems like not a lot of women want Indian. Show less In the current zeitgeist, the dating scene has changed over the past ten years. Some days, you have a hankering for Mexican, Japanese, Italian, or some crazy fusion.While not a traditional dating app, Lulu lets users rate men in their social networks.Recently acquired by London based dating platform Badoo, Lulu is a favorite amongst females. They made national news when Mark Cuban famously made an acquisition offer of million on Shark Tank.

For example, I sometimes connected with women who had a new found love for yoga, and I was their vessel for their enlightenment.If Applause were your best friend, they’d tell you, “Bro, I don’t block.I guide.” In a recent study, app analytics startup Applause measured the reviews of the 97 most popular dating apps to see which apps were user’s favorite.Interestingly, Ok Cupid is owned by IAC, which also owns Tinder and While their famous for their website, Ok Cupid also allows users to use a Tinder-style swipe in their app.Now you know which apps you should and shouldn’t use.

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