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Or you can man up, take charge, and save your relationship. But how can you “beat” a behavior that’s evolved to compete so successfully in society? In other words, the only way to fight sociopathy is with psychopathy. The thing is this: all your life, you’ve been Fuck.

Trust me: you don’t ever want your girlfriend to dominate the relationship. At this point, if you haven’t done so already: Forget about the “conventional beliefs” about relationships.

The founders’ system of algorithms used to check for compatibility matching people with similar core traits and values appealed to me as a long time practitioner in the field of human development and behavior.

Less appealing was the time consuming process of the questionnaire , series of questions, the guided communication and other hurdles before I could dip a toe in the pool.

Finding that avenue to be futile, I was open to new ideas.Well-educated, financially secure, loves to travel, open to new experiences.A few pictures of me looking as if I just might resemble that “must meet” woman were duly attached and, with a simple keystroke, I was ready to find the perfect match in record time.Before you jump to conclusions, here’s what you need to know… This will help you learn to spot a female sociopath when you meet her in real life. So, in that spirit, let’s take a look at a couple of quick examples, OK? ” “Well, I ate all the trail mix, so I threw it out.” “You threw it out? You see, a sociopath – I’ll show you how to do this shortly.

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