Dating management

Still, many organizations do set policies to minimize the potential legal fallout from co-workers’ romantic relationships.UPS recently got sued over its policy that bans supervisors from dating ANY hourly employee—regardless whether the employee is a direct report. In this case, the court sighed, “Love and marriage are the losers; something doesn’t seem quite right about that.”Case In Point: Gerald Ellis worked for UPS for 21 years, successfully rising from driver to management.RESOURCES [top]Books Office Romance: Playing With Fire Without Getting Burned by Dennis M. This is more for the romance participants than their managers.Chapter 16, "Companies Are People, Too" and Appendix 1, "Sample Office Romance Guidelines" do provide policy guidance.Should we date our co-workers or allow our employees to date each other? OVERVIEW [top]Changes in the workplace have made romances between co-workers inevitable.Employees are working longer hours and have less time to socialize outside of work.Office romances aren't a business liability as long as there are policies and procedures in place to ensure that employees' personal lives remain personal and their work professional.The company should also have a policy regarding sexual harassment.

Working at the company, there are two married couples and others who are dating, Olson said.

In this Quick-Read you will learn: Avoiding sexual harassment Flirtation becomes sexual harassment when employee A refuses employee B's invitations or advances and B persists by asking A out again.

Sexual innuendos, jokes or inappropriate physical contact can also be considered harassment.

Office management"Dealing With Personal Relationships at Work: Dating at Work"In the ever-busy world of entrepreneurial business, we are always at work or thinking about work.

Where else are we going to meet people who share our interests?

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