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Nemeta Course 8 derives from a body of work I undertook in 2012 in anticipation of the much-discussed “Maya endtime”, widely believed to have been due to occur on December 21st of that year.As explained in the lessons, I calculated the much-hyped moment of presumed “galactic alignment” to be in 2216, rather a stretch down the road from the Mayan calendar.Foremost among the revelatory insights it affords is this one: Correction is a cosmic anomaly that allows the Aeonic Mother of the Anthropos to reset the experiment eleven minutes before the end of the Aeonic Day, rather than acting on protocol and waiting for the midnight hour of the Kalpa, 2216 CE.Hence Anthropos-11 emerges under special and unprecedented conditions.In my view, after having tested it rigorously for many years, I am convinced that this single metaphor can release human NLP from religious conditioning, thus clearing the way to install the sacred narrative.All through this Course, block by Block, you are advised to regard Kali Yuga as a riddle embedded in that master metaphor.

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The question is, Did the discussions, speculations, and predictions about 2012 point to that event, or do they merely draw attention to themselves?With the calendric systems especially, it may take some time to configure your mind to the cyclic models.Modern people are not accustomed to thinking cyclically but rather in banal mundane linearity.There may be a reprise of Arguelles’ concept of dematerialization in some circles, but I would rather hope not.Calls for escaping the planet will not be tolerated on this site.

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