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Despite their matching clothes, ubiquitous couple rings, and obligatory selfies together, they seem to have little in common. ” is probably the most common question single men get asked in South Korea.

So why the frequency of such awkward pairings in the coffee shops of Seoul? Dating is a fairly straightforward endeavour and there is no reason not to do it, as my South Korean housemate constantly reminds me.

(Love, however, is optional.) The shame of being branded a motaesollo — “a loner since conception” — is after all best avoided and how better to do that than by entering into a relationship?

But in many cases, what I see is an expensive ritualised performance of courtship: a prescribed set of inevitable events marching toward the ultimate goal — marriage.

But if she accepts your heartfelt plea, you have just entered into a relationship and it’s time to get serious. You now have a girlfriend, a marker of status or normalcy or both. It’s now time to buy matching shoes, couple rings, exchange hourly texts, use a ‘selfie-stick’, go to parks, visit coffee shops, seek out pet cafés. Dates ☑ Of course, once you are ‘going steady’, the cinema is a must.

Markets have even popped up to enhance and diversify the experience, with premium couple-seats on offer.

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It is known as eojang gwalli — ‘managing your fish stock’.

Both of these easily fit well into online dating opportunities, one of the most popular online activities for […]Great so you’ve finally created your online profile, and you’ve started to wade through the hundreds of online profiles, chosen a few and started to go out on a few dates.

You’ve started to see communicate with someone online.

But regardless, surrounded by such extreme pressures to conform to societal ‘norms’ and perform set roles, they turn society’s desires into their desires, and they continue to buy into the consumerism of romance.

Great you’ve taken the first step, and you have joined a couple of online dating services and written a killer profile. How do you start separating those who have […]Here’s a little secret that those of the female persuasion keep from us guys: Women, even very beautiful women, like to be approached by a confident and interesting man. It’s true…and confident and interesting are much more important than looks to ladies of all ages, too.

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