Dating culture in syria

Bombs, guns and thieves Joined in Russia, Francesco Bandarin, UNESCO's Assistant Director General for Culture, is deeply concerned by the effects of the conflict on Syria's historical sites.

Indeed, major archeological sites in Syria have been ransacked.

Even though such agreements are easily forgotten in the heat of a conflict, in this case, both the government and the rebels have shown openness when it comes to preventing the disappearance of their cultural treasures.

The Director General of Antiquities and Museums, Maamoun Abdulkarim, who cooperates with UNESCO and provides regular reports on the situation, has "called for a neutral action required for the sake of culture and requested politically neutral support," as stated in a report addressing the issue of illicit trafficking in Syria.

There are three different types of damage affecting Syria's cultural heritage.

For one, the armed conflicts have damaged ancient cities and sites.

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