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Folk Gospoda is a well-frequented and well-renowned venue which leads to stable yet reasonable prices.

The pork knuckle comes at 10€ while it is 15€ for a healthy serving of beef steak with sides and a special cognac-pepper or a wild mushroom sauce.

Prices for a good bottle of local is the way to go.

And they all will feature the advice from real people who live in the cities and who know them in and out.

With a country-like touch located right in the city center the restaurant grants forwholesomness as well as healthy portions and is popular with locals and travelers alike.

Go here to either try Polish classics such as Pierogi or go for one of their marvellous pork knuckles or beef steaks.

A 24h pass, for instance, can be had for 4,70€ while a three-day-ticket will cost only 7€.” However, if becoming a regular member was just what you are looking for then there is good news.

Monthly rates start from just 14€ without any obligation to remain a member for the following month, that is.

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