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Success, which can be defined in many ways – it’s not always about money, and certainly never ONLY about it.He simply knows what he wants – wealth / fame / recognition / knowledge / worldly experiences etc.Die Staatssekretärin im Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi), Claudia Dörr-Voß, und der stellvertretende Ministerpräsident der Republik Usbekistan, Sukhrob Kholmuradov, Unterzeichneten am 21.Januar 2019 in Berlin im Rahmen eines Gesprächs über die bilateralen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen eine entsprechende Erklärung.

While I generally believe there are more great women than men today, it’s not like the latter are completely absent.Curiosity is what sets apart the achievers from the failures, the smart from the dumb.It’s the inner drive for knowledge pushing us to read, learn and explore, the cornerstone of independence and creativity. Should modern females “know their limits”, like in the famous (and hilarious) and play just sweet, gentle, delightful creatures?Many men are smart and yet accomplish little in life, because they lack motivation and tenacity to act.

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