Dating a widow with young children too soon

If I could just have the perfect man magically show up at my door one day, I would choose that option in a heartbeat (side note: if anyone knows the perfect man, please contact me and I will send you my address).

Unfortunately, more likely than not, that’s not going to happen, so I am choosing to put myself back out there into the world and see what happens.

So the possibility of sitting across a table from a man with a nice smile and an easy laugh and chatting about something other than Daniel Tiger or Fancy Nancy started to sound really great.

On the other hand, the thought of dating is also pretty appalling to me because I’ve always hated it.

Right now I am not looking for love; I am happy to just meet new people and have good conversation. Maybe one day I will be sitting on the porch with my husband yelling at all the hooligans that walk by. I still believe that love is in my future, but I’m not going to find it sitting on the sidelines.

Because, honestly, unless you have lost your spouse and find yourself suddenly and completely alone and overwhelmed by the isolation and loneliness that accompanies that loss, you have absolutely zero right to even have an opinion.In fact, it felt nice to think about meeting new people and feeling appreciated as a woman.The idea of having adult conversations over a glass of wine or a nice dinner was appealing.Each widow will have her own set of guidelines, I think, unique to her situation, but these are mine: Yes, I am a widow. Yes, I will talk about my late husband from time to time. I personally have never dated a man whose wife died, but I know plenty of women who have. Widowers feel guilty that they are still able to enjoy happiness, while the person they lost can’t.

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