Dating a nurse sex dating in beacon new york

Needless to say, this is the first reason why nurses make great partners.

They naturally give compassionate care to the people they love.

The way she cared for me and our kids everyday even if she’s the one who is really sick makes me feel proud of her.

I’m glad I married again, and this time to a nurse.” Read Also: Top 20 Funniest Pickup Lines for Nurses Nurses are naturally sensitive and empathetic when listening to others.

When I asked him hours later where he got his patience, he simply said that my tantrum was nothing compared to the family drama he had to manage at work whenever there were not-so-alarming cases in the ER.” – From Kim, Minnesota Nurses witness a lot of medical cases at work.

They know the right time to worry about your health and safety.

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A handful of respondents note that an amorous relationship with a patient might be allowable for physicians in rural areas, where everyone's a patient, but such ethicists as Dr.

With their experience handling different cases of accidents and illnesses at work, they know the appropriate time to be worried.

“My wife, who is a nurse for 15 years, knows perfect timing.

“Unbelievably, my wife could sense if I had a bad day at work.

She would sit down and persuade me to talk about what was bothering me.

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