Dating a girl with anxiety and depression

You may talk to your partner’s therapist, mentor, or coach to find that balance.Also remember to be there for your partner, take care of your own mental health, ask your partner about different ways that you can help them, be ok with their need for space, and ask questions if u don’t understand.For example, you may be content and hence not talkative.But this may be misinterpreted as you being angry at your partner.Hence, try and listen to what your partner is trying to say.

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Talk it out and work together towards creating a solution for the next time.

Offer support during recovery Anxiety is certainly treatable and if your partner is undergoing the process to recovery through or other methods, then offer them all the support you can.

You may ask them if they want you to accompany them for the therapy or coaching sessions.

It is possible to learn a lot about your partner’s anxiety problems by attending just one session.

You may also ensure that your partner does not forget to focus on their breathing exercises when they experience heightened anxiety, and assist in their research about different meditation techniques for anxiety alleviation.

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